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Box of Dread for the Win (February 2015)

I decided to give Box of Dread a shot for a few months. The first box I got in January was lackluster, filled with promotional items for a movie I will likely never see. This month’s box for February 2015 was spectacular, however.

I got a signed photo of Derek Mears, who played Jason Voorhees in the Friday the 13th reboot:

Derek Mears Signed Photo

Pretty sweet addition to my growing collection.

I also got a Friday the 13th shot glass:

Friday the 13th shot glass

Now I need to develop a drinking game…

So, Box of Dread has temporarily won me over. Hopefully they have something equally good next month.

Horror Block for November 2014

I got another Horror Block in the mail this past week, and It had a lot of fun stuff in it. First, it was quickly clear that Hannibal was the theme this month:

Hannibal Stress Heart

A squishy heart for relieving my stress. This is going straight to the office cubicle.

Hannibal Stickers

Now I need to figure out where I am going to stick these stickers.

Hannibal Tshirt

I will look so stylish.

I also got some fun things to watch and play with:

Tales from the Cryptkeeper

Some cartoons for me to watch.

cthulhu on board

A good warning for my wheels.

Godzilla Scaler

He’s hanging precariously from my blinds, ready to scare my cats next time they come to the window.

There was a copy of this month’s Fangoria:


Lots of good horror knowledge to be had here.

But my favorite thing was this film cell from Freddy’s Dead:

NOES film cell

Hard to see it but the upper right corner is a film cell.

I can’t really take a good picture of the film cell itself. You will just have to trust me that it looks something like this:

Freddy Krueger with joystick

This is when Freddy Krueger kills Spence in a video game in Freddy’s Dead.

All in all, this was a good mix of stuff. It was my second Horror Block box via the subscription service, and I still felt that it was worth to $20 + shipping. The magazine and film cell alone made it worth it for me and everything else was just a bonus.

Signed Robert Englund/Freddy Krueger Photo

For my birthday this year, my husband did excellent work. It is clear he knows me well. He ordered me a signed a personalized photo of Robert Englund as Freddy Krueger:

signed robert englund photo

I giggled like a school girl when I unwrapped this.

While I am utterly proud of this photo (and the fact that my husband got me such a great gift), I am not posting it just to brag. Instead, I wanted to point out that you can get one of these bad-boys too. Robert Englund sells these signed photos on his site. I think that is pretty awesome, and really shows how much he cares about his fans.

If you know a horror-lover like me, this would make an awesome birthday or Christmas gift. Trust me; I know I was a very happy girl.

Do you know of any other horror stars who do this sort of thing outside of conventions? If so, leave a comment. I would love to know about it and so would my husband for future gifting ideas.

Horror Block Subscription From October 2014

I’m a sucker for all things related to horror. So, when I saw that there was a monthly subscription to get horror-themed things in the mail, I said, “Shut up and take my money.”

The service is called Horror Block and for 19.99 + shipping, they send you goodies monthly. This month was the first month that I’ve gotten a box, and I am quite happy with what I got.

Shot of the box as I was opening it:

horror block

Am amused before I even get it open.

What did I get? A Jason toy:

Jason Voorhees Toy

A Jason Voorhees for my cubicle, which was decidedly lacking in Friday the 13th paraphernalia

I also got some fun Cereal Killers stickers:

cereal killers

A little fake cereal box filled with funny horror stickers.

A bluray copy of Puppet Masters:

Puppet Master

Now I can watch Blade in HD, as he was meant to be seen.

Make my own zombie kit:

build your own zombie

The kit comes with putty and instructions for making my own undead.

A copy of the November issue of Fangoria:

fangoria nov 2014

This issues is chock full of Nightmare on Elm Street articles, which makes me very happy.

Last, but not least, my favorite thing in the box is this awesome Friday the 13th t-shirt:

friday the 13th t-shirt

I’m going to look so good in this.

Now I am excited for next month’s surprises. Do you subscribe to any services like this? Got anything good? If so, leave a comment.

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