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We’ll begin with a reign of terror, a few murders here and there, murders of great men, murders of little men – well, just to show we make no distinction. I might even wreck a train or two… just these fingers around a signalman’s throat, that’s all.

– The Invisible Man (1933)

The Original Prometheus Script – Alien: The Engineers

I loved the new Alien movie, Aliens: Covenant. When I was raving about it at work, my co-worker sent me a pdf of the original script for Prometheus.

He said, “Did you ever read the screenplay that eventually become Prometheus? I think it’s a much better story and ties up quite a few (unnecessary) loose ends.”

He was right. While they kept a lot of elements from the original script, the first version was better. I recommend reading it if you like the Alien franchise. I found a copy of the script online. Reading it is nearly as good as seeing it on the screen.

The Horrible Dr. Hichcock (1962)

My take: The plot makes this film one worth watching. Necrophilia is not so common, even amongst horror films.

Rating: 3 out of 4 stars

According to Studies in Terror, The Horrible Dr. Hichcock shared its billing with The Awful Dr. Orlaf. I did not enjoy The Awful Dr. Orlaf, so I had my hopes low for this one. I was pleasantly surprised, however.

The most interesting aspect of The Horrible Dr. Hichcock is the plot. It’s about Dr. Hichcock, an anesthesiologist who also happens to be a necrophiliac. Lucky for him, his wife plays along and allows him to drug her so he can have his way. But one night he miscalculates the drugs and she overdoses.

Dr. Hichcock flees his home, unable to live around the things that remind him of his dead wife (you would think he would be happy that she is actually dead, but apparently that is not how his fetish works). He returns 12 years later with a new wife, who knows nothing of his strange appetites or his intentions for her.

The new wife is played by Barbara Steele, and it’s the first movie I have seen with her in it. I can now see why she became such a huge name in horror. She is downright interesting to watch with her high cheekbones, ink-black hair, and coal-rimmed eyes. There is something about her demeanor that just fits with the gothic feeling of this film and is utterly relatable.

Barbara Steele

Barbara Steele looks out the window in fear in The Horrible Dr. Hichcock.

If you like gothic tales, Italian horror or classic horror in general, I would recommend this film. The plot truly pushes the boundaries and keeps you entertained from beginning to end.

I found the movie online at Daily Motion. Here’s the trailer, which doesn’t do it justice:

Horror Block: December 2014

I waited and I waited for December’s Horror Block to arrive. It finally did, and it did not disappoint. Here is what came this month, for your edification and general jealousy:

Rue Morgue 12/14

The December issue of Rue Morgue so I can learn all of the goings-on in the world of horror.

Zomb Ease hand sanitizer

Hand sanitizer so I can do my part of prevent the zombie apocalypse.

Maggot-Eye Skeleton

A squishy skeleton to help relieve my stress.

Poltergeist Mouse Pad

I don’t need a mouse pad, but if I did, I would want it to look like this.

Creature From the Black Lagoon Pop Toy

A toy version of the Creature From the Black Lagoon. Classic.

And finally, my favorite item in the whole box:

Overlook Hotel T-Shirt

This is my new favorite t-shirt. I might wear it every day.

For those of you who do not know what the Overlook Hotel is, I envy you. That means that you get to watch The Shining for the first time. I would pay a lot of money for that experience, since it currently holds the number one spot in my list of the top 25 horror movies.

As you can see, Horror Block did not let me down. This was the third month receiving things and I continue to enjoy it.

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