My take: Was it a ghost? Was it madness? I’m still not sure, and I don’t think that is a good thing.

Rating: 1 out of 4 stars

This movie raised a lot of questions in my mind about the early 1970s:

  • Were there a lot of hippies everywhere?
  • Did people just roam around the country and do nothing?
  • Why was the soundtrack so terrible? Did people listen to that crap?
  • Why is the main character so mindlessly happy at the strangest moments?

The movie is about a couple and their friend. The female in the couple is Jessica (of the movie title), who just got out of a mental facility. Her and her beau are getting a fresh start in a country home.

lets scare jessica to death

Even the poster for Let’s Scare Jessica to Death is bad.

When the trio arrive at the house, they stumble upon a young female squatter. Oddly, they let the girl stay.

At the same time, Jessica starts hearing voices around the house and out in the lake. Voices pushing her to do things.

It’s a film that rides the line between insanity and the supernatural. Unfortunately, the characters are simply not believable or relatable enough to carry the plot.

As you can tell from my barrage of questions above, there were a lot of issues that went unanswered in the film. Perhaps it was a film made for the 70s that does not hold up to today’s standards of suspense and fear.

I would only recommend this movie to people who like supernatural films and also happen to like movies from the 1970s. That person is not me.

I got a copy of the movie from Netflix via disc. Here’s the trailer: