My take: This movie is made up of five gruesome tales. So, there’s sure to be at least one you like.

Rating: 3 out of 4 stars

Five strangers are on a tour of a catacombs. They fall behind the tour guide in the tunnels, and find themselves lost. A door opens mysteriously. When they enter the room, a robed man appears, and the door slides shut behind them. This is the cryptkeeper (no, he does not look like that beloved little skeletal corpse from the TV version in the 90s).

He bids them to set, which the group begrudgingly does, while asking why they are there. The cryptkeeper takes each person in turn,  revealing the stories of how they arrived at the catacombs. Each story is filled with its own horrors of course.

Tales From the Crypt

Poster for Tales From the Crypt

Bonus: Peter Cushing stars in what is probably the most morally repugnant tale in the bunch. This tale alone makes the movie worth a watch.

But I liked all of the stories. Multi-story films make it easier to get through bad elements, acting or stories. You simply have to wait a few minutes for the next tale.

I would recommend this to fans of classic horror, 1970s horror and Peter Cushing. Also, if you also liked Tales From the Crypt when it aired on HBO in the 90s, you will likely enjoy this as well. Both this film and the TV show are based on the same comic book series.

I found the movie on YouTube. Here is the trailer: